Learning Italian is also learning some Italian bad words. They are called “parolacce” in Italian. First of all we would like to show you some of the most common Italian Bad Words and Expression. Then we would like to let you practice them doing a short exercise.


Learn Italian Bad Words and Expressions

Learn Italian Bad Words and Expressions

1. Testa di cazzo or Testa di minchia = Dickhead.
The word “minchia” is the Sicilian word for “dick” but it is known and used everywhere in Italy. It is also an expression used for indicating surprise and displeasure together: “Minchia! E’ proprio difficile questo esercizio!
Same meaning in the expression “Che cazzo!“, “What the fuck!”

2. Figlio di puttana or Figlio di troia or Figlio di mignotta = Son of a bitch. Literally = “Son of a prostitute.”
Note that Troia is also the name of the old city where the war between Trojans and Ancient Greeks took place.

3. Rompipalle or rompicoglioni = Ball buster, pain in the ass.
Rompi from “rompere” to brek, and “palle” or “coglioni”, the “balls”.

4. Trombare or Scopare or Chiavare or Fottere = to fuck.
Note that “Trombare”, “Scopare” and “Fottere” have also other interesting meanings.
Trombare means also “to fire”. For example: “Giovanni è stato trombato l’altro ieri“, “Giovanni was fired the day before yesterday. It is a colloquial expression.
While Scopare means “to sweep”  in the standard Italian.
Fottere is “to screw” and sometimes “to steal”.
For example: “Mi hanno fottuto“, “They cheated me”, while “Mi hanno fottuto il lavoro” means “They stole my job”.
Finally, about Chiavare, we can report a famous statment by Silvio Berlusconi about Angela Merkel. He said she is “una culona inchiavabile“. In English it sounds like: “she is an unfuckable lard-ass”. By the way we are not sure that he effectively said that.

5. Vaffanculo = Fuck off.

6. Vai all’inferno = Go to hell.

7. Stronzo! = Asshole! Litrally it means “shit”.

8. Coglione =  Fucking idiot! Literally it means “ball”.

9. Merda = Shit / Fucking shit.

10. Porco = Dirty old bastard.

11. ‘Sti cazzi = I don’t care.

12. Chissenefrega = Who cares, d0n’t give a shit.

13. Cagare = To shit (vulgar)

14. Fa cagare / Fa schifo = It sucks.

15. Non lo cago per niente = I don’t give a shit about him (I don’t pay any attention to him).


Learn Italian Bad Words and Expressions – Exercise

  1. Questa minestra non mi piace proprio, fa _ _ _ _ _ _!
  2. _ _ _ _ _ _! Fai attenzione quando guidi!
  3. Che rabbia! Qualcuno mi ha _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l’oroglogio. 🙁
  4. Sai che ti dico? Anche se Maria ha perso il treno, _ _ _ _ _ _!
  5.  Quel _ _ _ _ _ _  mi ha fottuto l’orologio!

RANDOM WORDS: chissenefrega, fottuto, cagare, stronzo, figlio di puttana.


Learn Italian Bad Words and Expressions

Learn Italian Bad Words and Expressions

Finally “E che cavolo!” is an expression used for indicating your annoyance. By the way it is mild enough that you can use it in many settings and it won’t likely seriously offend anyone. Different saying “E che cazzo!” Same thing, but stronger.

It is a real PAROLACCIA!


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