Is Italian difficult to learnIs Italian difficult to learn for English speakers? We discuss today how hard is it to learn Italian for English speakers.
Despite what you may think, your language has many words that are similar to the Italian words. Why? Because many of your words have a Latin root, exactly like Italian.
Would you like to have a concrete idea? The word “idea” for example! It is spelt in the same way in Italian but it is just pronounced differently.

Here a list of English words and their equivalent in Italian:

 Idea  =>  Idea
 Introduction  =>  Introduzione
 to Describe =>  Descrivere
 Common Sense  =>  Senso Comune
 Timid  =>  Timido
Fact  =>  Fatto
 Audio  =>  Audio
 Video  =>  Video
 Forest  =>  Foresta
 Perfect  =>  Perfetto
 to Depend  =>  Dipendere
 In relation to  =>  In relazione a

They are just the first twelve words that come to my mind, but of course I could go on.

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Moreover, joking with language, reflecting over it by making comparisons among English and Italian words is an interesting way to learn Italian. Here you can find two good examples about what I am saying: Learning Italian Words and Learn a new Italian word a day.

Is Italian difficult to learn? I say no 🙂

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Another important issue in this context is the Pronunciation. The Italian Pronunciation is different then the English pronunciation, so what is really important is working on that point.

For example, here you find two videos that give you the basics information for the Pronunciation of the Italian letters C.

is Italian hard to learn for english speakers? Not that much 🙂

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What is important to learn Italian properly?

Last but not least, choose AN ITALIAN COURSE WITH A VERY GOOD ITALIAN TEACHER. Your teacher will give you all the basics of the language and will be aware of the importance of the conversation (communicative approach) of your learning process.

Here you have the following:

– A concrete idea about our Online Italian Courses;

The reviews that our students let to us about their Italian Courses.


Is Italian difficult to learn? How hard is it to learn Italian for English speakers?

How hard is it to learn Italian for English speakers



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