Learn more about the Italian Nouns ending with ISTA in Italian.

How do you get the name of a person that play an instrument in Italian? Just take the instrument, drop the last letter and add the suffix “ISTA”. This rule is working in most of the cases and it is true both, for a man and for a woman.



Italian Nouns ending with ISTA


Italian Nouns ending with ISTA

Note that these nouns don’t change their termination switching from masculine to feminine singular nouns. So that we say IL PIANISTA (masculine) => LA PIANISTA (feminine). It is instead different if you think to the plural: I PIANISTI (men) => LE PIANISTE (women). Same thing for all the nouns listed here above and for other nous that are not related with the music context.

Here some examples:

  • Pharmacist: il farmacista / la farmacista –¬†(Plural: ¬†i farmacisti / le farmaciste)
  • Electrician: l’elettricista¬†(LO) / l’elettricista (LA) – (Plural: ¬†gli elettricisti¬†/ le elettriciste)
  • “Statesman”: lo statista / la statista¬†– (Plural: ¬†gli statisti¬†/ le statiste)
  • Accountant: il commercialista / la commercialista¬†–¬†(Plural: ¬†i commercialisti / le commercialiste)
  • Cyclist: il ciclista / la ciclista¬†– (Plural: ¬†i ciclisti¬†/ le cicliste)
  • Motorcyclist: il motociclista / la motociclista¬†– (Plural: ¬†i motociclisti/ le motocicliste)


Italian Adjectives ending with ISTA

Together with the nous, we adjectives ending in “ista”. Think for example to these adjectives:

  • egoista (selfish)
  • altruista (altruist)
  • individualista (individualist)
  • ottimista (optimistic)
  • pessimista (pessimistic)
  • qualunquista (person that has not his/her original point of view. It thinks that only a “common” and generic way of thinking exists).

As well as the nouns ending in ista, also the adjective ending in ista do not change for a masculine and a feminine singular name. They change instead when you you switch from masculine to feminine in case of a plural name.

See this example:

  • Lui √® un uomo egoistA.
  • Lei √® una donna egoistA.
  • Mario¬†e Giorgio sono egoistI.
  • Maria e Giorgia sono egoistE.



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