… perchè io non vi capisco!

says the policemen to Totò and Peppino.

This is a very famous and funny part from the movie:
Totò, Peppino e la Malafemmina“.
* * *
Just notice the following while your are watching it:
– They, Toto e Peppino are Italians, but mistaken the name of the Duomo and make some confusion with the word “La Scala”,
– Even if they are coming from Neaple, are speaking to the policemen in Milan with a strange mix of foreign languages.
* * *
To better understand the dialogue, here you find some language details:
– “sto paese è così grande che io non mi raccapezzo“: raccapezzarsi, riflexive verb. , “able to find the solution in a non-clear context”
– “non mi interrompere sennò perdo il filo“: perdere il filo (del discorso), expression, “missing and forgetting the sense of what you are just saying”
– “andare al manicomio“: manicomio, noun, the place in which in the past people with mental disease were hosted.
– “venire dalla Val Brembana“: Val Brembana, it’s a valley not so far from Milan. Here anyway the policemen wants to refers to an area in which the people is speaking a kind of “foreigner” language.
* * *
To know more about Toto, Peppino e la Malafemmina, see the Wikipedia movie page.