The Italians use a lot of foreigners words as we saw for example here about French. Today instead we are focussing the attention on the English Words in Italian: actually we are using a lot of English words may be with the intention of being “up to date” with times.

That’s way we never try to italianize the forneiner English words. You will find in Italian words like “computer”, “part time”, “siesta”, “abatjour”, “collier” and so on. They are words that we usually use without any need of translating them into Italian. This is different in other languages: French people say “ordinateur” instead of “computer”, Portuguese say “computador” and so on.
Of course the Italian accept these words but not a foreigner grammar. For example we never use the “s” for saying that a foreigner English nouns is plural. So we say “un file”, “100 file”. We never say “100 files”.

What is Italian even if the word id foreigner, is our pronunciation of it. We cannot avoid it actually 😉

The English Words in Italian

Annamaria Testa, a very good italian advertiser, thought about all that cases in which it is possible to use an Italian word instead of the English one. They are Italian Words already available, why don’t to use them?
Here below you find the list and here the Annamaria Testa original post: 107 valid solutions for 107 English words.

English Words in Italian



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