Are you planning of visiting Rome?
Useful tips for visiting Rome


For sure you cannot miss of:

1) Eating at GIGGETTO, a famous restaurant that mixes in a very unique way the roman cooking with the jewish one;
2) Taking the bus, exiting from Rome and visiting the “dunes” of Rome, a wonderful place still intact on the sea of Rome. Don’t go there during the summer and stop at the “Cancelli” (Gates), stop at Gate 7 and eat a wonderful plate of “Spaghetti con le Vongole” right in frot of the sea. Restaurant number: 06 56 471133);
3) Go to Tivoli, and visit the Villa of one of the most fabulous emperors of Rome: ADRIANO;
4) Don’t miss “Castelli Romani” , a group of fresh and nice villages special during the summer, up on the hills around Rome. Explore their way of cooking, genuine and “casareccio”, so simple and so traditional at the same time;
5) Visiting the Appia Antica, an ancient street still made of roman rocks that goes on surrounded by big trees. No cars there, just take the bike, or go on foot, and enjoy your time!
Useful tips for visiting Rome
6) Visiting the market of Campo de’ Fiori, the square where the philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned some centuries ago;
7) Going up to the Gianicolo, seeing all the city from the hill and watching at the Gianicolo tank’s booming exactly at midday;
Useful tips for visiting Rome
8) Visiting Trastevere by night and after walking along the river just exactly where The Grat Beauty has been shot;
9) Eating an ice-cream at Giolitti‘s gelateria in the city center;
10) Loosing your self just wandering around. (Special place: Pantheon and surroundings).
Useful tips for visiting Rome

Addendum: Special food, absolutely unmissable:

1) pasta alla:
a. “gricia”
b. “carbonara”
c. “arrabbiata”
d. “cacio e pepe”
e. “puttanesca”
2)abbacchio”, lamb,
3) carciofi alla romana”.
4) cicoria ripassata in padella,