A Preparatory Italian Video Course for Absolute Beginners

This Course is addressed to those want to start to learn Italian and don’t have any concrete idea about the language.

We would like to give you:
1. Some practical tips before stating to study,
2. A general overview about the language which will be preparatory for the real – analytic learning.
We would like to give you all the introductory information useful to learn Italian in the better way.


5 Useful Tips Bef0re Starting

So what can you do for reaching the target of speaking Italian soon? Watch this video!


A general Overview on the Language

These are the topics that we re going to discuss dedicating to each of them one single video post:


1. Italian Phonetics: The Vowels, right pronunciation;
2. Italian Phonetics: Italian Pronunciation for the letters C and G;
3. Italian Phonetics: Strange sounds and their transcription (“gli/glie”, “sci/sce”, “gn” etc.);
4. Italian Phonetics: The double consonants (consider “palla vs. pala”, “cassa vs. casa”, “notte vs. note” etc.);
5. Italian Phonetics: The Accent in Italian.


6. The Italian Verbs System: ARE, ERE, IRE plus the Infinitive Irregular Forms;
7. The Italian Verbs System: Mood and Tenses;
8. The Italian Present Tense, What is important to know.
9. The Noun, a general overview;
10. The Adjective: a general overview.
11. The Article: a general overview.

12. Conclusions.

At his point you will have a good general idea of the language and you will be ready to move with more self-confidence into it.

A Preparatory Italian Video Course for Absolute Beginners

A Preparatory Italian Video Course for Absolute Beginners


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