Learn Italian language with An Italian Cinema Course

Learn Italian language with An Italian Cinema CourseYou can Learn Italian language with An Italian Cinema Course. This course focuses on some of the most important Italian movies. The course provides its interpretative key and allows the students to improve their level of Italian.
The course is designed for students with equal or higher level than B2. The Italian movies are not presented in a chronological order but for salient issues.
Giuseppe Croce, who teaches at Italian Virtual School, holds the course. Here below he introduces the course. In particular, he analyses here four important Italian movies:
Rome Open City, Two Women, A Special Day, The Four Days of Naples. In Italian: Roma Città Aperta, La Ciociara, Una Giornata Particolare, Le Quattro Giornate di Milano.
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Italian Cinema Course

by Giuseppe Corce.

Known throughout the world especially for “Neo-realism”, Italian cinema is in reality a cinema of stories and genres, rather than cinematographic movements and poetics which can easily be identified.

We will also take into account your own personal considerations. The analysis of a film and the history of cinema is also done from the perception of the audience, from your intuitions and considerations.