Here following an interesting story told by our student Frank Santoro about the American Italian Life

Little Italy, Bocce League – Baltimore, Maryland, USA
This charming, cozy neighborhood located in the heart of downtown Baltimore is an important cultural and ethnic icon. Millions of people annually visit Little Italy to dine in all of its restaurants, watch outdoor movies, participate in bocce tournaments, attend Italian festivals, worship at its Italian parish, partake in Italian language and cultural classes, attend ravioli dinners, go to the Sons of Italy lodge, or simply stroll through the friendly narrow streets to experience a bit of the amore and ambience of the old country, Italia.

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I have been playing bocce in Little Italy, on the bocce league, for more than 15 years (every Wednesday evening from April through October). There are 16 teams in the league. The name of our team is “The Meatballs.”
American Italian LifeWhat is truly wonderful about our league is that it brings generations together. Many teams have players in their early 20’s to players in their 80’s. And believe me, when you have been playing bocce for 70 years or more, you are very skilled. My three sons are on our team, which provides our family an opportunity to get together at least once per week for dinner, bocce and gelato for the grandchildren. My grandsons are 10 and 11 and are very accomplished bocce players. I look forward to the day that they will join the team and continue the tradition.

American Italian Life

Written by Frank Santoro
Maryland, United States

Baltimore Little Italy, Bocce League and American Italian Life