Many way-back stories have been written along the time. The most famous is that of Ulysses, who traveled for 10 years before coming back to his land, Itaca, and to his wife, Penelope.

However today we are focussing on another trip, the trip of Lopichis, great-grandfather of Paolo Diacono, to his homeland, Italy.

Paolo Diacono (720-799 DC) wrote a book about the History of Longobardics, the folk of the “lunghe barde” (long swords) or of the “lunghe barbe” (long beards). They were barbarians and from the second part of the the 6th Century until the second part of the 8th, they established and kept their kingdom in Italy.

In this book Paolo tells the story of the way back of Lopichis after that the Avari, also them barbarians, forced his family to let their land and to emigrate to Pannonia, Hungary in this current age.

* * *

Here the passage and here an exercise of comprehension. At the end, give an italian title to the story that you read! 😉