Learn a new Italian Word a day

In Italian we say “Una mela al giorno leva il medico di torno“,¬†(“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”). We can revert the proverb saying: “Una parola nuova italiana al giorno leva il medico di torno.” (A new Italian word a day keeps the doctor away). ūüėČ
The Italian word for “proverb” is “proverbio“. Really similar to English.
Learn a new Italian Word a day
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Learn a new Italian Word a day
We like joking with the words and we want to show you some examples. They are  couple of Italian words similarly spelt but totally different for the meaning.
First of all consider these verbs:

SBAGLIARE¬†/ SBA(DI)GLIARE: “Sbagliare” means to make a mistake, while “sbadigliare” to yawn.

PRENDERE / PERDERE: they are opposite words. “Prendere” means to take” while “Perdere” means to loose.

LAVARE / LAVORARE: at the beginning a lot of students got confused with them. “Lavare” is to wash, “Lavorare” to work.

VOLERE / VOLARE: one is to want, the other is to fly.

In addition we may say something similar about the words. Some words change the meaning only changing one vowel at the end. Please consider these words:

MENTO / MENTA:  respectively  chin versus mint.

FOGLIO / FOGLIA: respectively  sheet versus leaf.

PARTITO / PARTITA: respectively party, faction versus game or match.

PRIMO / PRIMA: respectively  first versus before.

PIANTO / PIANTA: respectively  crying versus plant.

PORTO / PORTA: respectively  port, harbour versus door.

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Learn new Italian Word a day


A new Italian Word a dayIn conclusion we want to let you know that we started on our Facebook Page a new column dedicated to the Italian Words. This is the first: ALFABETO. Follow us!
If you like learning new Italian Words, another help is Memrise that offers free Italian courses focused on the Italian Words and their memorisation. Or you can study the language online with us.
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Learn new Italian Word a day


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