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Puttanesca meaning

The Puttanesca is a tasty dish typical of the Italian cousine, in particular by Rome and Naples. It has been created in Naples and in Rome has been modified adding the anchovies.
The name “Puttanesca” recall clearly the word “puttana“, prostitute, streetwalker. But why using this expression for a dish? Many interpretations have been given. The most interesting, also by a linguistic point of view, link the word “puttanesca” to “puttanata” that comes again from “puttana”, but has a figurative meaning: “puttanata” indeed is a kind of foolishness, a very not relevant thing or fact.
Te la prendi per una puttanata“, you get angry for something very stupid, for example.
Or: “Non dargli retta, dice solo puttanate“, don’t believe to him, he says only stupid things.
Let’s now see the correlation with our pasta. It seems, that few decades ago some guests asked to the chef to prepare “una puttanata qualsiasi”, so whatever kind of dish but simple and really fast to prepare. The chef, combining the ingredients available in his kitchen (anchovies, capers, tomatoes, olives etc.), invented what, after, would have become the “Puttanesca”.

Here below the Puttanesca Recipe.


Puttanesca Recipe

Puttanesca MeaningIngredients for 4 people

– kind of pasta*: Sapghetti or Rigatoni, 400 grams
– 500 gr of Pachino tomatoes (or Datterino ones)
– two cloves of garlic- chili- abundant parsley
– 80 grams of Gaeta olives (a town in province of Latina)
– anchovies, ad libitum (Latin expression, ad libitum = a pleasure, as much as you want)
– capers
– oregano
– extra virgin olive oil


Fry over law heat oil, garlic and chilli. Take the anchovies and put them under water so that they lose some of their salt. Put them in the pot together with the rest, then mix.

Take the capers, put them in a glass of water and let there for a while in order to let them loose the salt. Change the water at least a couple of times.
Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into small pieces and the olives eliminating the core. Take parsley and chop finely.
Add to the pan the parsley, the the tomatoes and then olives.
Cook for a few minutes. The sauce is ready. Add the capers at the end and mix.
Buon Appetito.

*I forgot, cook the pasta and once drained, pass it in the pan with the sauce with no fire. Add oregano to finish.
Spaghetti or rigatoni?
I prefer rigatoni because the sauce comes well within them.

You can accompany it with another typical dish from Rome: i Carciofi alla Romana (recipe).

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Puttanesca Recipe

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