Learn Italian YouTube – Italian Video Course for Beginners

Learn Italian YouTube Italian Video Course for BeginnersLEARN ITALIAN YOUTUBE. Here following you will find a VIDEO COURSE of Italian addressed to people that want to start to learn Italian and want to have a general overview on the language.

The videos are available on You Tube and also here on our blog together with a detailed description for each topic.
The course is basically divided in two parts. The first part concerns the basic pronunciation aspects, while the second part concern the Italian grammar.


FIRST PART: Learn the Italian Pronunciation

Learning a language means as first to become familiar with a foreigner pronunciation. The pronunciation is the first aspect with whom we get in touch and  definitely the most difficult to learn. That’s why we would like to give you some bosic idea about the Italian Pronunciation.

0 – A Preparatory Italian Video Course for Beginners, Introduction

1 – Italian Pronunciation: The Vowels

2 – Italian Pronunciation: the Letters C and G

3 – Italian Pronunciation: Strange Italian Consonants (“SC+i,e”, “GLI”, “GN”)

4 – Italian Pronunciation: Double Consonants

5 – Italian Pronunciation: The Accent in Italian


SECOND PART: Learn the Italian Grammar foundamental topics.

6 – Italian Grammar: The Conjugations

7 – Italian Grammar: Verbs’ Moods and Tenses

8 – Italian Grammar: Present Tense

9 – Articiles, Nouns and Adjectives

10 – The Noun

11 – The Adjective

12 – The Article

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