The Italian Alphabet has some strange consonants. They are particular because each of them is spelt with two or three letters. These Strange Italian consonants are:

– “SC+i,e” that you find in the word “sciare” (to ski) or “conoscenza” (knowledge),

– “GLI”, that you find in the word “famiglia” (family) or “figlio/a” (son or daughter),

“GN”, that you find in the word “gnocco” (a special kind of pasta made with potatoes) and in the word “gnomo” (gnome).

They are not only strange for the reason that we have just said, but also because they are difficult to be pronounced. This is true in particular for “GLI” and “GN” because you don’t have these sounds in your language. In English you have the letters “gn” together actually but they are pronounced like two single letters. Think for example to the word “magnetic” or “recognition”.

Watch this video these see how these three consonants are effectively pronounced.


Strange Italian Consonants

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