Learning the Accents in Italian Language

There are two important points to focus on when we speak about the Accents in Italian:
1) the fact that the position is not fixed: it means that you can find the accent in any syllable of the word.
2) the fact that  is written only if the word has the accent on the last syllable: otherwise it is not present. It means that in the most of the cases, unfortunately, you don’t have any indication about the stressed syllable just looking at the written word.

We will discuss longer about this in the video here below. Another interesting point analysed in the video is about the monosyllables. You know that we have words that are made by only one syllable: do they want the accent or not?

Finally, and this is the third topic of the video, it is important to know how to write the accent in Italian. We have two kind of accents – “grave” (`) and acuto (´) – and it is important to know which is the right one according to the word that you have to write.

The Accent in Italian


Accent Yes or Not? Exercise about the Monosyllables.

Decide, for each sentence, if the monosyllable wants the accent or not.

1. Luigi ( ___ ) fa la doccia ogni mattina. / “sì” or “si”.
2. Me lo dici, ( ___ ) o no? / “sì” or “si”.
3. Vai ( ___ ), qui non c’è posto. / “là” or “la”.
4. ( ___ ) moglie di Luigi si chiama Eleonora. / “là” or “la”.
5. ( ___ ) hai mai incontrati? / “lì” or “li”.
6. I tuoi occhiali sono ( ___ ). / “lì” or “li”.
7. Vuoi un ( ___ )? /“tè” or “te”.
8. A ( ___ ) voglio molto bene. /“tè” or “te”.
9. ( ___ ) vorrei ancora una fetta. / “né” or “ne”.
10. ( ___ ) caldo e ( ___ ) freddo. / “né” or “ne”.
11. Io ( ___ ) Giorgio siamo amici. / “é” or “e”.
12. Lui ( ____ ) italiano. “é” or “e”.

Italian Accent – How to write the Accents in Italian

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How to write the Accent in Italian


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