Today we would like to tell you something more about the topic: how to learn Italian Online. Also we would like to tell you how the Online Italian Courses work.

How to Learn Italian Online

Online Italian CoursesItalian Virtual School is providing Online Italian Courses by Skype. You can attend an Individual Course or a Small Group Course. In both the cases, the Online Italian Courses by Skype give you the opportunity to interact with your native teacher and with the other students in Italian.
Class after class the interaction with your teacher and with your classmates will make you improve your level of Italian.
Infact our purpose when we speak, is reaching specific communicative goals that make possibile our social life. While we are in the real life,  we need to say something. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know the language well. It does not matter if we don’t know exactly how to say what we want to say, we just need and try to communicate.
While we do this, we learn. That’s why it is so important the interaction with the others in a language that it is not our Language. Better if under the guide of an expert teacher, of course.
Then, when our proficiency becomes higher, we will improve our knowledge improving specific aspects of the Language. By interacting with other speakers, we will become aware of details of the language that otherwise we wouldn’t know.
By the Online Italian Courses this process is possible exactly because you have the possibility to practice the conversation under an expert guide.

Online Italian Courses

During the online class your teacher will dedicate 20/25 minutes to the conversation at least. Your teacher will be also able to guide you in your learning experience giving you all the basics you need. In particular your teacher will lead you in learning the structure of the language, its grammar. At the same time you will increase your lexicon.
Meeting one, two, three times per week a really particular and informal relation is being created between the students and the teacher.
This particular situation gives the possibility to enter more deeply the Italian culture and to share different cultures and different points of view.
Making a comparison between an Online Italian Course and a “Face to face” Italian Course, we can say that the second is a kind of “the Hotel”, while the first it is more like an “Agriturisms” or a “B&B“.
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